Knit Americas (Spring 2005)

     It was Antex Knitting Mills first appearance at the Outdoor Retailer Show. The 32 year old Los Angeles based company used the OR Show to promote its recently established Antex Premier Performance division, which is an extension of its traditional business of providing fashionable knitted fabrics to the junior, contemporary, and children’s markets. It’s Matchmaster Dye House, gives Antex the ability to monitor the entire process of the fabric development all the way through to the finished fabric, including the dying, printing and finishing. The company prides itself in its attention to quality.

      To set itself apart from other knitters in the performance fabric market, Antex recently purchased several fine gauge knitting machines, in the 32, 34, 36, 38G range, which allows the company to produce some very unique performance fabrics. According to Ted Kronfli, product development manager for the Antex Premier Performance division, “These fine gauge machines have the ability to produce warp-knit like tricot fabrics on circular knitting machines.”

       At the OR Show, the Antex Premiere Performance line of technical fabrics included several weights of these tightly constructed circular knits, containing varying amounts of spandex, many finished with a sueded surface. Kronfli said that Antex uses a special peaching machine in the finishing process to give the fabrics an exceptionally soft hand. The peaching machine, not only brushes the fabric evenly, but it also allows for controlling the amount of sueding that is done to a fabric, ranging from just a touch to a heavier sueded finish that has the feel of a fleece.